Monthly Travel Adventure
Subscription Letter Packs

Our unique and inspiring letter packs will take you and your loved ones on a journey around the world. Delivered directly to your doorstep, in a beautifully decorated envelope. The first subscription letter will arrive with a cute little travel passport.

Cost of a UK subscription £6 per month for a duration of 6, 9 or 12 months.

open passport stamps yellow scooter
Passport and Passport Stamps:

When you subscribe to Lara's Travelling Adventures, the first subscription letter will arrive with an adorable passport. After that, each monthly travel adventure subscription letter will arrive with a hand-designed travel “passport stamp” – like the one you would get at an airport when entering a new country. You will be able to add this stamp to your passport. This way, you can track your travelling adventures with Lara. By collecting these stamps, you will know which letters you have had!

So, grab your passport and embark on a journey of exploration with Lara. Who knows where her next destination will be?

Passport comes free with subscription membership, but can also be bought individually for £6

Ideal for home-schooling

Learn about different countries, new locations and animals, in the form of letters, from the viewpoint of a young explorer called Lara. The letters are written in an engaging way, with vivid mental images, which we hope, will connect with subscribers on a personal level.

Benefits for subscriber-

  • Keep-sake letter, can be shared with family and friends, show and tell in school

  • A selection of colourful, hand drawn illustrations accompany each letter. Animals, birds, plants, reptiles and insects are beautifully illustrated by hand.
  • Delivered to your doorstep

  • Engaging for all ages (we have an 85 years young subscriber!)

  • Promotes learning, inspiration and creativity

  • Uplifting, entertaining and fun

  • Expanding horizons

  • School topic letters and journals will be available if there are requests for these

Child reading a map

Look forward to receiving a monthly, illustrated letter, which will spark your imagination and ignite your love for curiosity and learning.

Ideal for home school or as a supplementary topic /prop for schools and other educational and recreational settings such as

  • Brownies

  • Rainbows

  • Scouts

  • Guides

  • Childcare settings

  • Afterschool clubs

  • Holiday Clubs

Interesting content for all ages.

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