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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

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I am Lara’s mum, founder of Lara’s Travelling Adventures. I have an interest in journaling, drawing, poetry and anything creative, which can be squeezed into about an hour!

Where do we live?

We live in the lovely countryside. Lara's dad is a farmer and we are lucky enough to live surrounded by beautiful hills, patches of green fields, lined with hedges and woodland as far as the eye can see- with the occasional sheep thrown in to complete the picture.

The story behind Lara’s Travelling Adventures

When Lara was younger, she decided that she would like to send drawings and letters to other children around the world. Lara said that when she is grows up, she hoped to write books and letters.

During lock down, Lara enjoyed writing letters to family and friends to keep in touch with them. Eventually, Lara started writing to a fictive friend on Jurassic Island. Then, out of the blue, Lara received a letter back from her fictive friend. This turned into a letter exchange which lasted for months. During this time Lara used her imagination to create drawings and stories which she sent to her fictive pen pal on a daily basis. Lara’s hand writing was already good for her age, but she began writing joined up and she wrote pages and pages. Lara’s spelling and punctuation improved vastly due to the constant practice.

Seeing Lara’s enthusiasm and imagination, I wondered if letter writing might interest other children. So, together with Lara, we created this website and blog in hope of reaching out to children, who may be interested in exploring the world through letters, stories and drawings.

Writing letters to family and friends

Writing letters is a hobby which does not have to cost a fortune and has many benefits. It’s a nice way of keeping in touch with friends and family. One is able to send small gifts in the post along with the letter. The art of sending letters by post is going through a revival with a “pen pal” and “snail mail” trend which is popular in some countries at the moment.

Proper letters

Everyone likes receiving “proper” letters in the post- something which is a rare occurrence in the digital world we live in. Handwritten letters can be kept safely in a little shoe box, tied up with a lace. As years pass, one can re- read old letters one has received from friends and family and relive the past- it’s like travelling back in time!

Mini time capsule

Letters are like a time capsule! When writing letters, keep this in mind and send your letters in a decorated envelope. Decorate the letter itself with stickers or drawings and use your best handwriting- the recipient will keep your letter safe for ever and re read it fondly in years to come- guaranteed!


We are hoping to produce two blogs every month, so keep an eye out for new developments on the website. Together, Lara and I, will be writing about topics which may be of interest to others.

We hope to create an inspiring blog and content which will give ideas and help others to become adventurers and explorers, just like Lara.

An Adventure inside every envelope

For just £6 per month, receive letters from Lara’s Travelling Adventures. Every envelope contains an adventure inside, with colourful drawings of animals, landscapes and people.

Mark your journey with Lara’s Travelling Adventures by collecting the passport stamps Lara sends you every month. The stamps can be added to the passport you will receive with your first subscription letter. Visit Lara’s Travelling Adventure website for further information.

Lara’s first ever letter will be sent on the 21st July 2021. Thereafter, Lara’s travelling adventure subscription letters will be posted on the 21st of every month, but this date may change in future.

Get in touch!

We would love to hear back from you! If you would like to write to Lara, please contact us via email.

Upcoming topics

  • Adventure workshop

  • How to start your own journal

  • Adventure letters, journals and drawings workshop

  • How to write an informal letter (to family members and friends)

  • Nature journaling

  • Starting a collecting hobby

  • How to become an explorer

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog


(Lara’s mum)

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