Ukraine learning pack (A non- political approach)

Most children will have heard Ukraine mentioned in the news, on the radio and in adult conversations in public places and at home.

As many parents know, it can be difficult to explain this complicated situation to children.

We have put together a very small pack, which is completely free to download and print. To be used as part of children’s learning about Ukraine, without making it too worrying for their young minds, we hope.

Before giving this pack to your children, please read through the material, to ensure this is of correct level for your child’s maturity.

It is important to remember, that Ukraine is a beautiful country with beautiful nature, wildlife, beaches and a wealth of culture to offer.

The first download is informational. The other parts are for cutting out and using in scrapbook format for interactive and hands on learning.

This pack is aimed at children between 7 and 11 years of age. Younger children can cut out the small Ukrainian flags to make flag garlands/ bunting, which can be used to hang on a door, window, topic display board or for adding to their scrapbooks and learning journals. Ukrainian animal illustrations are also ideal for small children. The pack is best used in conjunction with additional resources.

“No Winners”

There are many complex reasons,

why some countries go to war,

money, wealth, religion, power,

time for settling old scores

But, in war there are no winners,

yet the price is high to pay.

Lives are lost with pain and sorrow,

while nations hold their breath and pray

Underneath the wail of sirens

cries a baby freshly born,

wrapped in mother’s coat for blanket

seeking shelter from the cold

As the tanks engulf the city,

a small toddler learns to walk,

and in basements damp and freezing,

families sleep on concrete floors

Strangers huddled up together,

mums with children, the sick and old.

But at least they have each other

and in hopelessness, they look for hope....

Ukraine PDF Free Download
Download PDF • 21.37MB

Ukraine Independence monument and map
Download PDF • 1.02MB

Ukraine Flags
Download PDF • 413KB

Ukraine Animals 1
Download PDF • 1.01MB

Ukraine Animals 2
Download PDF • 917KB

If you have found these resources of use, please feel free to share with other parents.

Thank you, hope your children will be able to make use of these PDF sheets.

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