Super Easy Summer Project Ideas & Free Printable Resources

At the end of this blog, you will find several sheets of decorative elements inspired by nature. These are free printable PDF’s which you can use in your projects during the summer.

If you like journaling, writing and scrapbooking, but not very confident at drawing, then here are some ideas for you.

You are most welcome to download these Free PDF sheets, print off, cut out the elements and add them to your summer projects.

You can add decorative elements to the borders of your summer learning journal for a little bit of colour and variation. Decorate your journal, diary or creative writing pages with natural forms.

Choose between butterflies, robins, abstract flowers and leaves.

Add a decorative and colourful touch to your writing, poems, quotes, journaling or even your “to- do” list, to create fun and unique colour coordinated designs inspired by nature.

You can also decorate your letter writing paper if you are writing to your friends this summer. Decorate envelopes for fun snail mail to friends and family.

Incorporate colourful nature elements into your daily journaling. Create a splash of colour by gluing a design element for an interesting detail.

You could make your own design elements too! Have a go, it’s easier than you think!

Summer project ideas and how to use decorative elements in your projects:

  • Ideal to use in a summer scrapbook project

  • Create a border around a quote

  • Make a small natural element collage in your diary

  • Put together a cluster of elements on a journal page

  • Decorate brown wrapping paper for gift and matching gift tag

  • Decorate a handwritten quote by adding an element for a splash of colour

  • Create a personalised bookmark for yourself or a friend

  • Make a pretty greeting card with matching envelope

  • Write a letter and decorate the margins with butterflies

  • Create a nature display with things you find on your nature walk and add cut out elements to create a colourful display

  • Make a fancy journal title and paste one of the elements on the first page

  • Decorate the margins of your writing journal pages with pretty flowers

  • You could even paste a butterfly on a jar to hold your brushes and pencils!


For best results, please print on colour setting. Cut out each image neatly, either along the border or leaving a small white border, whatever is the easiest. Do use a good glue stick rather than wet, sloshy glue. Make sure you add glue to all of the margins for best sticking results.

Please share this page with friends and family, so they too can make use of these free resources.

Thank you for reading this blog, the PDF's are just below this line!

Butterflies and Robins
Download PDF • 623KB

Download PDF • 576KB

Abstract Flowers
Download PDF • 795KB

Ivy and other leaves
Download PDF • 722KB

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