Spooky Scavenger Hunt- Free Download/Printable PDF

Please download this seasonal PDF file and print to create an easy scavenger hunt for children to enjoy!

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This PDF file is completely free to download. Suitable for black & white or colour printer settings. Please print on A4 paper or card.

Ideas and tips

  • For that special touch, you can back the printed sheet on to black or brown A4 card.

  • Fold in half to make an A5 booklet which the children can put in their trick or treat loot bag.

  • Decorate with dark ribbon, yarn or wool to make it even more special

  • This scavenger hunt can be done in your neighborhood, on a shopping trip, in the supermarket, in your home, garden, at a party or even from the comfort of your car, for children who are ill or unable to walk very far.

An easy scavenger hunt, which is not too scary, so quite suitable for young children too.

Extra Tips

Try to create your own scavenger hunt! Perhaps the children can make one for each other! Make it easy or hard, depending on age and ability.

Add an element of maths by putting point scores in the boxes. When finished, add up the points to see who scored the most? 1 point for a pumpkin (which is easy to find) and 5 points for a bat (which is hard to come across).

Good luck and don't forget to take a pencil, pen or a felt tip pen with you so you can tick off the boxes!

Spooky Scavenger Hunt Oct 2021 (1)
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