Overview of letters coming up in 2022

Lara's letters are posted around the 21st of every month.

Below is an overview to help plan upcoming curriculum topics for those who are home-educating, schools, groups, pre- schools, childminders and other settings.

Lara loves to travel to unusual and remote parts of the world, learning, exploring and making friends along the way. Join Lara on her adventures, a voyage off the beaten track!

We look forward to sending our illustrated letters to our lovely subscribers!

Lara’s Adventures in 2022

January- Iconic sites of Moscow, Russia. A magical adventure at the heart of Moscow

February- Elephant back safari in West Bengal, India, fragile eco- system at the brink of collapse

March- Unearthing fossils in a secret location of remote Mongolia and making discovery of a lifetime

April- Investigating legends of Moai Head Statues of Rapa Nui/ Easter Island

May- Unfolding mysteries of evolution in Magic Lake and Valley of the Whales, Egypt

June- Learning about the rich Celtic history, Ring of Kerry, Ireland

July- Exploring the fascinating Terracotta Army, silk road and Mt Huashan, Xian Province, China

August- Visiting Komodo dragons, a rare species inhabiting the volcanic Komodo island of Indonesia

September- An adventure in historic Medieval Carcassonne Castle, France

October- Studying the incredible diversity of wildlife Galapagos Island

November- Visiting Snow Monkeys at the famous hot springs in snowy Japan

December- An Antarctic Adventure, a polar expedition in the South Pole


a Tropical Christmas celebration on exotic Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

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We will endeavour to follow the program of letters, but may need to slightly adjust this list as the year progresses.

Lara's Adventures in 2021

All our 2021 letters are available to order. Please email us if you have missed one of these and would like to add to your collection! All our letters come with hand drawn illustrations of local animals and plants.

July 2021

An unusual adventure in the beautiful Elan Valley, Wales, UK

August 2021

Tale from the trail- Ben Nevis, tallest mountain in Scotland and the British Isles

September 2021

Dreamy, secluded beaches of Sardinia, Italy (swimming with turtles)

October 2021

Animal rescue in Tasmania, Australia (little penguin)

November 2021

Iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock)- at the heart of Australia (making traditional musical instrument)

December 2021

Skiing in the breath-taking Norwegian mountains and Norwegian Christmas traditions beyond the Arctic Circle.

Please get in touch if you would like to order one of our 2021 letters.

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