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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal age group for subscribers of Lara’s Travelling Adventures?

There is no age limit. Anyone with an interest in travel and adventure will enjoy reading Lara’s Travelling Adventure letters. Our subscribers range from age 85 down to age 3!

How much does the subscription cost?

The letters are £6 per month for subscriptions of 6, 9 or 12 months. Individual letters for one-off purchase are £8 each. (Postal charges for non UK subscribers will apply)

Can I change or cancel an existing subscription?

Yes, you can! Please email us, so we can assist you as best we can! You are able to cancel any time.

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Yes, this is an ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas alike. The gift will be enjoyed bit by bit for however many months one subscribes to. Please complete this form, so the letter can be customised and sent directly to the recipient of your choice.


Is there a charge for postage?

There is no postage charge for UK subscribers. We welcome subscribers from overseas. However, please email for further clarification of postage charges. Europe £1.70, Zone 1, 2 and 3- £2.25 postage per letter.

When will the letter arrive?

All standard monthly subscription letters will be posted on the 21st of each month (or as close to as possible). This date may be changed in future. Please allow for 2 days postage in the UK.


What do I get every month?

The letter will arrive in a decorated envelope with a hand-lettered address. The letters have a word count of around 700- 900 and a reading time of approximately 6-10 minutes, depending on the speed of the reader. Each letter is illustrated with colourful drawings and sketches. Handwritten in easy-to-read handwriting (we hope). Each letter is copied in full colour on textured quality paper, for ease of handling and robustness, so the letters can be enjoyed by all ages. The letter will be printed on an A4 size paper (European standard), folded in half creating a small leaflet style letter of two double-sided A5 size sheets. Please see photos on the “Letters” page. A selection of watercolour illustrations of animals and plants native to the area of the month will be included with the letter for use in topic related projects at home. A small sheet with fun ideas will also be included.


What are the letters about?

The letters are meant to be educational and entertaining at the same time. Lara writes back to her pen pals (the subscribers) describing her location and surroundings. Lara uses her drawing and sketching skills to illustrate her letters to captivate and appeal to readers of all ages. Lara’s “tale from the trail” will take readers on a new journey each month- describing local customs, people, cultures, animals and anything of interest. Some letters will include poetry and facts.

Can I preview the letters?

A sneak preview of the letters is available on the “Letters” page to enable planning for resources. Please see the photos. There is also a plan overview available below, to help you plan ahead. If you like a surprise, please don’t look! We have lots of regular updates on Instagram- find us there. We are called @larastravellingadventures3

What are lost legacy letters?

These letters are mainly for individual purchase and are not subscription-based (at the moment). The cost is £8 per letter. These letters are written by fictive characters in the style of the time at which they were written (covering the period of 1850- 1950) This is a new product and more letters will be available in near future. Replicating an authentic period feel, these letters are vintage sepia with splashes of ink and signs of age. The envelope is also “antiqued” and addressed using hand lettering. So, if your letter looks old- it is because an “antique-ing” effect has been used to replicate the look of an old letter.

To our best ability, dates and facts have been researched to correspond with historical events. However, for ease of reading, these letters are written in bold handwritten script and not flowing script, as it may be difficult to read for our younger subscribers (we would like our products to be all-inclusive).

Currently, there is only one letter available, if there are demands for this type of letter, we will look into creating journals and letters for popular topics such as:

Ancient Egypt, WW1 and WW2, Antarctic Explorers, Romans, Vikings, the Inca, Dinosaurs etc. Please enquire if you are interested

How do I get a passport?

A free passport will be sent with all first-time subscriber letter. The passport is just a bit bigger than a normal passport. Each letter will be accompanied by a pretend hand-made passport stamp which will co-relate to the letter. This will enable subscribers to keep a track of all the letters they have received.

If you would like additional passports, these are available to purchase at £6 each.

A well-stamped passport is the pride of any adventurer. A passport preserves living memories of places one has been to, in the form of a simple passport stamp.

Each passport will come lightly antiqued using a light brown craft dye and a few travelling related rubber stamps replicate a well-travelled look.

So, go ahead and glue in the stamps Lara sends you every month. The passport can also be used for collecting rubber stamps from National Parks, museums and libraries too!

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