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Who is Lara?

Lara is a fictional character who loves exploring. Lara travels around the world, making friends wherever she goes. She is also a photographer, a writer, a journalist, an artist and collects interesting artifacts to her ever growing collection of curiosities!

Lara has pen pals in many countries and she visits them occasionally (if she is in their area!). Join Lara's Travelling Adventures by subscribing to Lara's monthly letters and find out what she is up to. You can even track Lara's travelling route by adding location stickers to the world map!

Lara is interested in curious objects and exotic places which are found “off the beaten trail”. In the next few months, Lara plans to travel to Afghanistan in search of the finest handmade rugs, to celebrate Christmas in Norway and travel to Russia, Australia and Mongolia, in search of cultural artifacts and collector items. 

Lara enjoys learning about new cultures and customs. Lara loves writing letters to her pen-pals around the globe, introducing them to new places describing her adventures.

Lara's Travelling Adventures

'Lara's Travelling Adventures started during the Corona Virus lockdown in 2020. My daughter developed an interest in writing letters to a fictive pen pal. Then, much to her surprise, one day, the fictive pen pal wrote back to her! The look on my daughter’s face was priceless! My daughter exchanged a whole bundle of letters with her fictive pen pal, which improved her handwriting no end! We had countless hours of entertainment, which included imaginary stories, drawings and exchange of the most amazing correspondence- from Jurassic Park Island! (my daughter has been a dinosaur enthusiast for years).


I find that we all spend too much time on digital devices. I am a great believer in traditional means, be it correspondence by writing letters, stories or keeping a journal. I myself have a growing collection of journals that contain everything from dinosaur drawings, poetry, quotes, salt dough making instructions, portrait studies of people and animals , food recipes, research and any useful information which I think I may need to keep for future reference.

I am passionate about being creative and would love to encourage more creativity in our everyday lives, especially for children.


Keeping a journal is amazing for one’s mental health and it is lovely to leaf through old journals and see how one has changed over time (hopefully in a positive way). Journaling is rewarding in many ways. It raises self-awareness, it encourages learning, curiosity and interests. But, best of all, one can take a journal anywhere, even where there is no phone signal and no internet! As long as one has a pen or pencil to write and draw with!

"I hope to create an interesting, eco-friendly service, using local suppliers in order to inspire children and adults to write, draw and dream!"

- Words from our founder

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