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Adventure Letters
delivered straight to your door

"A unique monthly letter subscription"

Join Lara on her adventures around the globe.

Offering postal monthly subscriptions, delivered straight to your door.

A unique resource, ideal for incorporating into lesson plans for geography,  inspiring ideas for creative writing, hygge homeschool, story corner, morning basket, topic of the day and so much more! 

  1. Visit our Subscription Plans and Pricing page

  2. Select 6, 9 or 12 months subscription. 

  3. Complete a subscriber form with name and full postal address for the recipient

  4.  Lucky subscriber receives adventure letter every month

  5. Read about Lara's Adventures in beautiful locations. Combine learning, history and animals in a fun, inspiring and creative way. Perfect for home education or a fun gift idea!

How it works

How to subscribe

Adventure Mail
"A tale from the trail"

In a world where almost everything is digital, letters from Lara's Travels, bring the excitement of receiving a handwritten letter addressed to you. Unique and inspiring, handcrafted letters which will take you and your loved ones on a journey around the world. Delivered directly to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. A monthly letter pack will arrive in a beautifully decorated envelope.


Included with every letter pack:

  • Adventure letter 

  • Colourful illustrations of animals & plants of the region

  • Ideas, suggestions and activities

  •  Passport travel stamp to add to your vintage passport

Your first subscription letter will arrive with a cute little Passport.

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“Exquisite monthly subscription following Lara around the world”

Subscriber Review

I am blown away with how beautifully put together it all is and I am thinking to incorporate the letters into our geography curriculum this upcoming school year


“To say I'm blown away by the contents of our 1st letter would be a huge understatement! WOW The amount of passion, creativity and imagination that has been poured into Lara's letters is breath taking. Its just a feast for the eyes , so many beautiful things linked to the adventure fill the envelope ready for you to scrapbook with. 


" My Daughter got her first letter today & absolutely loved it, Its completely inspired & wants to subscribe forever!

" My grandchildren were so excited to have a letter from Wales. They read the letter out aloud at a party so everyone could hear the story from Wales."

russia letter

Lara's Travelling Adventures

The letters are inclusive of all ages giving an opportunity to learn about the world in a creative, inspiring and fun way. Each new subscription will come with a hand crafted passport, and every letter will come with a passport stamp to add to your passport, once you have learnt about that destination. Personalised letters arrive in a decorated envelope and include colourful illustrations of animals, birds, insects and plants relating to the "country of the month." A wonderful addition to topic or geography study module.

WW2 evacuee letters

Vintage Topic Letters

This is an exciting way to learn about  history topics. Working alongside home educators, teachers and schools to bring a fun creative way for children to learn. Creating a "time capsule" type of letter, describing what it was like to live in an era gone by. Easy to read font, drawings and vintage effect to give the letters an authentic vintage look. Letters are addressed to fictive characters and written by fictive characters. Nostalgic letters from a bygone era and a distant past!


Educational Resource 

Discover the wonder of the wild world with our monthly subscription letters, learning about the world and the animals that live here. From ocean to land, this is a perfect fun resource for any animal lover. Nature is at the heart of our adventures and Lara keeps a detailed journal of her travels. Lara  will send you some of her drawings so you can use them in your own projects. Ideal for including in lessons or to encourage self study and research. 

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